Smooth Operating Vets is the name I chose as it encapsulates how I like to work.  In a team where everyone knows their talents and calmly does their very best in an encouraging  and supportive place.  My vision is to ensure that all veterinary women have the opportunity to do this.  To return to practice with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need and that the clinic is supportive  and flexible and everyone works together, basically like a community, to achieve the goals of everyone. 

I am keen to  work with individuals wanting to get back to practice, as well as practices that are looking for dedicated wonderful and knowledgeable veterinarians.  Life for us is not the same as it was 30 years ago. 

New systems and values need to be put into place so that we can all achieve our goal of being, Smooth Operating Vets.

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About Dr Jocelyn Birch-Baker

I graduated in 1983, doing clinical practice for a while and then working in the beef cattle space and had 2 children.  I then had to return to clinical work as a single parent and was supported and encouraged, my family life was never questioned. I did all of the clinical work that I could and also post graduate courses. Both of my children are now professionals in their own fields. 

Now it is time for me to share my learnings and support as many women as I can to have the wonderful opportunity to have children and also a fantastic career in the clinical veterinary space.


I now own and run High Street Veterinary Surgery in Queensland. This is a VERY female practice with flexibility and structures in place to ensure our mums are happy and confident to return after maternity leave.

If you would like to find ways of moving back to clinical work with knowledge and confidence please email me.

My experience:

  • Owner of High Street Veterinary Surgery 

  • Awarded the Best in Business in Central Queensland in 2014

  • Worked as full time, part-time and locum veterinarian, in mixed and companion animal practices.

  • Graduated in 1983 with Hons. 

  • Board member, Queensland Beef Industry Institute.

  • Member, North Australia Program of MLA

  • Medicine and a Surgery post Grad courses (Sydney University Vet School)

  • Trainer, Cattlecare QA Veterinary Chemicals

  • Chair, Education Committee, Beef Australia

  • Worked in partnership to run an extensive beef cattle operation in Central Queensland

Contact Us

Please contact me and tell me your stories and I think that we will be able to work out a plan of getting you back to practice. For practices, contact me and we can work out how to get great veterinarians working with you again.

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