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Let's look at some statistics, some social pressures, and some resistance to change. Then let's find a pathway to finding and keeping our amazing vets. I have a fully staffed, thriving, and profitable clinic in regional Australia. Our team is happy and dedicated, does high standard work, and also does on call after hours. In this webinar, we talk about how to develop systems to find and retain vets in your practice.

Thank you PetsApp for the opportunity to share my thoughts. Jocelyn

The title is 'Architecture comes to life when people are engaged.' This is another way to say, We need people in our beautiful state-of-the-art, purpose-built practices. The people who want to come back to practice are our Vetmums!! They will give it life.


AVA Veterinary Business Group Summit in Melbourne

Talking about women in vet science and how to manage your practice so that you get great vets to come and work with you. Managing the vet shortage.

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Here is the replay of the Webinar hosted by Ezyvet. During this webinar, I speak about the changes in the demographics of our profession and the impact this has on our workforce and the career structure of Vets. This change has contributed to the vet shortage and Smooth Operating Vets can help your business manage these changes and bring vets back to your practice.


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October 2021  

Attracting and Retaining Top-Class Vets for your Practice

The Truth Behind Attracting and Retaining Top-Class Vets for your Practice


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