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Dr Jocelyn chats with journalist Inga Stunzner about caring for the health and well-being of your dog.  In particular, we find the temperatures here in Central Queensland extreme and must remember our pets feel it too.  We see a number of cases of heat stress and torn paw pads each year at High Street Veterinary Surgery.  Please take care

Here is an interview Jocelyn did with ABC radio in 2022 after winning the Australian Veterinary Association, Veterinary Business Group,  Veterinary Business Thought Leader award 2022 It's about why you cannot get a vet and why High Street Veterinary surgery is fully staffed.   Email me if you would like to talk about fully staffing your vet clinic or click the button for a chat   >>   

A very big thank you to Katherine Ashton of The Vet Sanctuary for inviting me to chat about my absolute passion, Bringing our Vetmums back to practice. Through our 8-week program, at Smooth Operating Vets, we help practice owners and managers to change it up so that vetmums (a large proportion of our experienced vets!) can get back to saving animals. Get in touch with me if you would like to know more.

By helping clinics become more accommodating to mothers. Dr. Jocelyn Birch Baker is aware of the needs of working mothers and has started her own program to make the transition back into the workforce easier.

"We go through all that process that helps practices realise the changes they need to make and the considerations they need to make to reach these women to come back to work with them."


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