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Did you know??

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

In a small survey done by me, I asked Vet Mums some questions about returning to work.

These are the answers, and my comments of course!

  1. About 45% of you would like to return to work within 6 months and another 45% in 12 months

  2. No one wants to return to full-time work

  3. 100% want the flexibility of hours worked. Most want to be paid per hour and have no after hours. 80% would like to do continuing education.

  4. All Vet Mums have so much to offer a practice!!! 100% want to work collaboratively with others, have great communication skills and have trust in others to care for their cases when they hand them over.

80% are experienced and good onboarding will be a benefit to the practice

within weeks.

80% of you are prepared to mentor others and

87% love their work and are dedicated and loyal.


5. Most Mums have family commitments and find that the pay is not sufficient to cover the childcare.

So I am interested in talking to practice owners and managers and letting them know that there are amazing vets out there, all we need is a change of culture. Not everyone wants to be the full time, workaholic pressured vet.

We want to enjoy our work and our life. Hang in there I'm working on it!!! JB

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