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Testimonial about our Clinic High Street Veterinary

Hi Jocelyn,

I just wanted to touch base with you again with some feedback from my 1/2 day appointment the other week- lurking out the back in your pharmacy & hearing everything that goes on behind the scenes.

Firstly- I’d like to say that i always knew that you had a wonderful team, but i was honestly blown away by the love & compassion that all your staff have. I witnessed many conversations between vets, nurses & owners which were all informative & the delivery was sensational.

BUT- I must stand and applaud your team when I heard one of your amazing vets & nurse take a dog out into the back room to give the little one an injection & was apologising to him/her for having to give the injection. That conversation between the vet and the dog really pulled at my heartstrings!! The fur baby went home with its owners not long afterwards, so there was nothing dramatic going on. When I heard “I’m so sorry sweetheart for giving you this nasty needle”. I actually found myself just standing there with my jaw dropped”… completely blown away!!!

Just the pure love and compassion for animals that goes on under that roof is by far the best I have ever seen!! And I have been in & out of veterinary clinics in one form or another for well over 20 years!!

I cannot thank you & your team enough for what you do everyday & the love & compassion that you all put into it. Seeing your team hard at work, doing what they do makes everything we do all worthwhile!!!

Please pass this onto your team, as they definitely deserve the recognition!!


Naomi Rourke

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