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For me as a young women who lives and breaths veterinary work I came to Jocelyn looking for that “long term” job, the one where you want stay for many years and know you’ll be supported throughout them.

Don’t get me wrong my 1st few jobs as a vet were great but I always knew they wouldn’t work well for me once I wanted to start a family. Jocelyn changed this for me and now she’s going help change it for more of our profession not just her employees.

Veterinary mums are an untapped super power in our industry and Jocelyn has recognised this potential and has the know how to help individuals and businesses make it happen.

To credit and show that she’s got the know how for this I can tell you as a 1st time mum I have had unprecedented levels of support that have made my journey back to work very easy.


You can also look at all the mums and women of our practice making it happen whilst also having that elusive home life balance. Importantly on the other side of the equation is a veterinary business that is absolutely thriving and very profitable.

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